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Welcome to my 'Digitally Reanimated'


I'm going to take you guys through a selection of my work that is more specific to the job role of 'Art Director'

If you find yourself venturing through the rest of my site, you can return here via the original link I sent you.

Fantasy 'World Guide'

This is a quick and simple example of how I can produce a 'world guide' that would help within a studio dynamic to keep all artists on track and visually communicate ideas. Guides like this are especially helpful when outsourcing work to freelancers but mainly works as an anchor so everyone in the creative department is aiming in the right direction.

Outtakes from 'AWNSFA'

'A World Not So Far Away' is a personal project I am developing in my spare time. It explores the outcome of a tyrannical civilisation that hastily altered Human genetics out of ignorance of their living situation and ultimately - their stubbornness to adapt.

There are some beautiful scenes within this world but I am going to magnify on the section called 'Ryse City' which is by nature filled with dark and foreboding imagery. 

The main themes are 'disconnection' and 'survival'


There isn't any breathing room on my portfolio to demonstrate my working knowledge and understanding of other packages and departments from 2D so here's an example of 3D work I have completed.

This showcases my ability to 'Model', 'sculpt', and 'Generate UV's' with the staff.

The scene showcases 'Compositing' and 'Lighting' within a 3D environment. 

All work was completed in Blender 2.8

Fantasy Output

Demonstration of an applicable development process to creating 3 different fantasy character illustrations from different races but within the same world/ IP

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