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Exploring a world's post-civilisational collapse and filled with new existence...

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As a forgotten apocalypse rained down upon the Earth, its climate rapidly deteriorated, threatening the existence of all life on the planet. In the aftermath of this devastation, a tyrannical movement emerged with the hope of altering biological evolution to help humanity survive. The idea of accelerating evolution became the prevailing doctrine, driven by fear and a sense of urgency to survive.

Despite the warnings of dissenting voices, the powers that be silenced all opposition and pursued their course of action with reckless abandon. The resulting transformation of the world was nothing short of radical - civilizations evolved at a breakneck pace, reverting to a primal state of being that mirrored the harsh and unforgiving nature of their environments.

In this new world, survival is the only goal - achieved either through banding together or by fighting as individuals against all others. The very fabric of existence had been rewoven, and life was now interconnected in ways that were both wondrous and terrifying.

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Ryse City Title Small.jpg

The metropolis was once the pinnacle of human civilization - a gleaming city that symbolized progress, innovation, and the height of human achievement. But as the world descended into chaos, the city and its inhabitants were overwhelmed by floods and disarray.

Now, the once-mighty city is but a shadow of its former self - a collection of large floating towers that serve as a haunting reminder of what was lost. The towers loom over the treacherous waters below, home to a community of inhabitants who have evolved with a ferocious and vampiric hunger.

These individuals hunt each other relentlessly, living in a state of perpetual isolation. They have adapted to glide between the towers, using their razor-sharp claws to cling to the smooth surfaces and their keen senses to hunt their prey.

Themes: Disconnection & Survival

FHills Title Small.jpg

One of the more harmonious areas of AWNSFA. A harsh but lush landscape accessible only to those who live in it. The inhabitants spend just as much time hunting in the perilous waters as they do surviving on land.

Themes: Harmony, Survivalism & Resilience 

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