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(Ongoing personal project)

Exploring a world's post-civilisational collapse and filled with new existence.


Trying to avoid a change in lifestyle against a slowly degenerating world, the humans of the past experimented with genetics on an uncontrollable and global level. Life and civilisation has evolved unrecognisably, but for the first time since before industrialisation there exists a true harmony between Man and Earth - and everything else that inhabits it.

Ryse City

Once the pinnacle expression of civilisation, the metropolis and its inhabitants succumbed to flooding and disarray. Now a remnant of its former self, the large floating towers reflect the souls of the inhabitants lurking within.

The Floating Hills

One of the more harmonious areas of AWNSFA. A harsh but lush landscape accessible only to those who live in it. The inhabitants spend just as much time hunting in the perilous waters as they do surviving on land.